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Futur1st - The Danse Society

Legendary post-punk band The Danse Society have returned to release a new three-track EP just in time for this April's Whitby Goth Weekend.

Perhaps the best song to draw in a whole new audience is the group's emotional rendition of NIN's classic 'Hurt'. Though familiar enough to pay clear homage to the original, it's given a layer of additional poignancy and interest due to frontwoman Maethelyiah's strong female point-of-view - knowing that the song will be be given its live launch at a benefit to raise money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, this comes through even more clearly.

Of great credit to The Danse Society, however, is the fact that the other two songs appearing on the soon-to-be-released EP - 'One Thought In Heaven' and 'Scream' - are equally as excellent in their own unique ways.

As the lengthiest track here, 'One Thought In Heaven' takes it time to really stretch out and pull you in with mesmerising vocals, an icy but tuneful roar of a chorus, and a darkly pulsating groove as insistent as it is memorable. I can certainly see this one being a live fan favourite in future.

'Scream', on the other hand, is much more pointed in its attack - the drums more pounding, the keys more stabbing (though no less atmospheric for it), and the guitars showing a little more edge than either of the other songs on the EP. To this reviewer's ear, there's a touch of unsung post-punk legends The Sound to this one - definitely a positive thing.

For fans of the band, this EP will certainly tantalise the tastebuds in preparation for The Danse Society's upcoming 7th album. The combination of gothic textures and post-punk rumble is one the group have mined many a sound from in the past, and seemingly (if this release is anything to go by) one they're very much at ease exploring even further in future.

If you're headed to Whitby Goth Weekend this year, make sure you catch The Danse Society performing their special electro/acoustic set at ‘Daymolition’ on the 28th April - you won't be disappointed.

For further information on this performance, have a look at the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/107877200015165