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The Whitby-based, sumptuously-named Nocturnal Dictionary are a kind of dawning realisation.

They describe themselves as neo-psychedelic jazz, and listening to their unhurried, freeform style, underpinned by Hawaiian-shirt guitar licks, creates a slowly-spreading grin on your face.

Of these two tracks, 'Volcano' is the most memorable. Contrary to its title, this is a dreamlike number, chiefly due to the whimsical, hypnotic flute that seems to lift us up and carry us on the breeze.

“I will behave, fighting over the kitchen table; read your bible, I’ll be Cain and you’ll be Abel” - vocals are sparingly used and purposefully vague. An agile bassline ties things together, along with the summery electric guitar.

You can imagine the musicians nodding approvingly at each other during the instrumentals. This song is so laidback-its-horizontal - and very likeable. Just when the music seems to taper out after the 2 minute mark, the band pleasingly kick back into gear.

Diversity of instruments gives Nocturnal Dictionary an enjoyably fresh take. Often their songs are a little off-kilter and eccentric; this is a good thing.

'Blunt Bleach' takes a little more time to get on board with. This time, some emphatic saxophone grabs the attention.

The vocals are even more muddy and hard to discern, but a bouncing bassline helps the foot tap and the head nod. Sunkissed beaches and lamplit streets can be variously brought to mind. Repeat listens prove the theory. "Take a stroll on the lucid terrain" - not something you do during a Nocturnal Dictionary song, and it’s all the better for it.

The band have an album release on July 5th.