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Fresh from winning YCG's Best Original Group (as well as Local Live Act of the Year) 2014, Crumplehorns' new single release is titled 'So You're Mine'. As well as the usual download options, this single is available in a handsomely mounted transparent yellow 7" vinyl, with sleeve art memorably reminiscent of 1950s childrens' storybooks.

What's clear about this group is that they are unafraid of evolving their sound - or, more accurately, experimenting with it. Much has been said of their post-punk sonic assault, but the three tracks on this record are anything but, having a reflective, tuneful quality. Each song has a distinct personality, making them more palatable to listen to in a single sitting.

The title track is the most memorable of the three, with some nicely layered, exacting guitar work that evokes noirish images of city nights. We're coaxed into "coming out of the darkness, darling", to "take a ride on my helter skelter". This is not a dark number, however; the chorus has a warmth to it, and despite the plus 5 minutes length the music carries us through. There is an element of nervous energy to the song - hinted at with such telling lyrics as "forget about the backward glances" and "the city lights are alarming". The vocals seem to perfectly fit 'So You're Mine', with echoes of British Sea Power's Jan Scott Wilkinson.

'Recovery Position' is a song about overcoming pain. Despite the sense of struggle evoked by the lyrics, there is a head-nodding acoustic rhythm, along with some pleasingly agile bass playing. The organ sound reminds one a little of the Doors' 'Light My Fire' solos. "Recovery's hard and the pain is tight," the chorus intones, "now the pain is well inside".

The jocular 'Spare Part Dealer #2' (#1 is available as a download with the record) has a different feel entirely, and not just because it makes use of the band's original singer. Combining a tremolo organ sound with a Teen Spirit-alike guitar riff, this is a colourful, offbeat song that firmly departs from previous post punk sensibilities. By now we realise that Crumplehorns are a band particularly adept at weaving instruments together, without letting any single cue overwhelm.

The full EP download also includes 'A Song For All Occasions'. You can buy either a digital of physical version from: crumplehorns.bandcamp.com/album/so-youre-mine