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Vinyl Sleeve

Traversing the wires of a cradle landscape

From the first flanging sequenced percolations of Crumplehorns new single 'On-Off', I knew I was in for a starkly stunning voyage into a hypnotic hemisphere of sound.

My intuition was immediately confirmed when the band departed, travelling on a Motorik drum line that propelled into total tramline transcendence. A circular bass riff that simply emulsifies into the psyche fueled this aural engine. The surface layer of sound was then teased into the synapses with the tickle of harmonic, wiry guitar structures that barely held together in a wilting malfunctioning frailty. The vastness of sound that culminated from these properties was counteracted with a claustrophobic voice that seems starved of reflective space. This curiously cruel, yet interesting sonic relationship paints our narrator into an iridescent cylindrical tube-prison - from which he is forced to view the vastness around him. With 'cradle landscapes' in his heart, he fearlessly and poetically depicts the bleakly beautiful world around him in the wizened rapture of an over-ripe child.

'On-Off' continues this journey with glimpses of rusty wire tumbleweed guitar noise and healthy synthesized organ donations that keep the song alive and pumping. Briefly erected backdrops of static electric chaos add thrill to the hypnosis and by the end, you turn it... on off, on off, again and again, like a child with a light switch.

Only this light switch illuminates a shadowscape of strangely seductive sound.

Empty promises fill much of the looking glass

Flipping over the translucent, ectoplasm-green slab of 7-inch vinyl and dropping the needle to the groove, took me 'Beyond Stained Glass' into a bleakly buoyant b-side excursion.

The rollicking bass line acts as a butler that leads one into a sonic structure of intrigue. Inside, I am privy to a cavalcade of sounds. Swarms of insect-hive guitar break and skitter from view. Nestling back into the dark groove of the rhythm section, they lead me down a corridor toward a lighting-crack lit room. Here, a chilling little fairytale is spun from the baritone tongue of a faceless man, whose features have been healed over from the burns of reflection.

From there, I am shepherded through skeletal staircases of ascending and descending arpeggios that lead mercilessly back to the tale about 'a time of precious nothing'. Finally reaching the song's foyer, a silver screen horror show guitar theme both lures and repels in its totalitarian delivery. Acid-etched guitar scratching leaves its mark on the brain, creating a mind map that details a place 'beyond the window' where 'whispers of another life evoke a gentle caress'.

This new 7-inch from Crumplehorns is a brazen departure from the reflective rusty pop hooks of their previous efforts. It has a much deeper and darker feel to it and proves that this is a band unafraid to explore the poorly lit fathoms of originality that are so rarely spelunked. They promise nothing while offering so much...

Pick up a limited edition transparent green copy of the new single here: www.crumplehorns.com