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Though the quieter of the two Seafest evenings, the Friday night offered a variety of decent bands to enjoy (though sadly I only arrived to see the second two - The Fuzz Junkies, and The Sub Gents).

I've seen these bands before, them being local fixtures of sorts, but they both performed with enough verve to be as interesting as they were the first time.

The Fuzz Junkies came first with their patented brand of bass-y, heavy-but-funky covers with added fuzz and just a touch of humour. A favourite of their set would be their thick, driving cover of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'.




Next, closing the evening's events, were The Sub Gents, who I've not seen perform in quite some time. Taking the stage to the sinister strains of the theme from It Follows, they ably mixed some of their classic slabs of noisy post-punk with newer compositions - as ever, I continue to look forward to what they can do in the future.