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This year, photographer James Drawneek took to the annual Staxtonbury music festival. With camera in hand, he headed to the 3-day event to give you an 'In Pictures' look...

Between the baking heat and torrential rain, this year’s Staxtonbury was a laid-back affair with plenty going for it. A great selection of music from acoustic and folk to rock and metal; although this year there seemed to be more cover bands rather than original writing, which is a little disappointing.

The two bands that really stood out were Snatch, with their top-notch stage presence and command of the crowd (to their enjoyment). Staxtonbury is also heavily geared up for families and small kids with facilities such as three bouncy castles and an array of fairground rides. The inclusion of simple ideas - like using hay bales for seating - made the festival a lot more civilised and suitable for none-mud-lovers. The food and drink would also entice high-end campers with a great selection of fresh dishes and local ales.


Staxtonbury 2016