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I think this is the third gig I’ve been to now at the Scarborough Brewery – the previous immediately became some of my favourite local events, and this one was no different, with three disparate but excellent bands performing.

First up was Scarborough’s own North Of The Wall, a band I last managed to see nearly two years ago at Seafest. Though I enjoyed that last show, I feel they’ve definitely improved in the intervening time, becoming a lot smoother performance-wise.

Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, they didn’t use a keyboard at all before, but its addition definitely added a soulful, funky new texture to their already propulsive sound.

I loved their cover of ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’ last time, and still did this time – what was a pleasant new surprise was the inclusion of a surprisingly catchy rendition of the classic ‘Just The Two Of Us’, which I definitely saw a lot of people dancing to (I don’t think I’ve ever seen dancing in a brewery before, so there was a first).

Next came Piskie Sits, a grungey 3-piece from Wakefield, who happily updated the sound of late-‘90s grunge for the modern ear with their noisy but melodic bites of alternative rock.

Managing to mix influences from seemingly every great band of the nineties with decidedly pop-conscious choruses, their tight musicianship and the energy of their performance surely won the band a few more fans here on the Yorkshire coast – I’ll be keeping an eye out for when they next decide to venture up here for another performance.

Last (but certainly not least) was the Sam Forrest Band, the current project of the lead vocalist of Nine Black Alps.

First of all – loud! I can’t think of the last time I spent such a time happily awash in a sea of glorious noise. It’s not hard to see why they might have achieved that, with a) the size of their band (including two guitars, a keyboard, and dual singers), and b) a gargantuan pedalboard being well and truly put through its paces by one of the guitarists.

Even through the noise and the chaos, though, what was clear was that this was a group of people with a passion for creating and performing music. You could tell that the band enjoyed their entire performance together, and got the impression that they would’ve continued playing if everybody in the crowd had left – hell, they would’ve continued if the roof had come in (which at times seemed like a serious proposition given their sheer volume!).

So in conclusion! Another great gig at a great venue with great beer. The mixture of local and not-so-local talent was highly gratifying, and I’m already waiting eagerly for Scarborough Brewery’s next line-up.