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Friday 4th September saw the inaugural date of Friday Night Live, a new regular live music night at Utopia Bar, Bridlington.

Opening band, Last Chance Til April, were tight, with amazing stage presence, catchy riffs and awesome American-esque vocals. As well as sounding the part, they look the part too, and moreover, appeared to really enjoy themselves.  Their originals and covers are fantastic, I especially loved their own piece, "Murphy's Law" and their take on Lil Jon's "Get Low".

Headline band of the night, The Hostiles, are a ska/pop-punk outfit comprising a mixture of English and American members, with a unique, extremely fascinating sound. With two singers (one playing bass and one playing guitar), a brass section and a percussionist, they create a sound different to anything I've ever heard, with their unusual but smartly configured set-up. They blend lovely sounding distorted guitar tones, velvety but upbeat brass sections and thumping percussion, all of which they manage to do while keeping a crowd entertained and a buzzing atmosphere all around the venue.

Both bands were brilliant; catch Last Chance Til' April at a local venue, and if you have chance to see The Hostiles at any point on their tour make sure you do!

Overall a good first night at Friday Night Live at Bridlington's Utopia.  Organiser James Williams (who has delivered many a gig in Bridlington over the years) did his usual great job at running the event and I can't wait to see what other acts he has up his sleeve for this new project.

Next Up: Liam Mangan with support from The Outputs - click here for Facebook event details.