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Another Thursday, another night down at Quid's Inn for Chapter 3's weekly gig, this week featuring The Soup and Page 45.

When I arrived at the venue, I did notice that it was a little busier than usual - whether this was because of the popularity of the bands who were to perform, or because it was A-level results night, I'm not sure (but my bet would be on the former).

The first act to play was The Soup - I was sorry to miss them the first time they played a Chapter 3 gig back in July, so this was really rather lucky for me.

They got things going pretty quickly with their mix of sharp riffs, killer rhythms, and excellent vocals which to my ears were pitched somewhere between Liam Gallagher and Faith No More's Mike Patton (there's a sentence I never thought I'd type...)

'Weekender' was a propulsive indie tune with a distinctly Arctic Monkey's-style riff and fiery solo, and 'Rags To Riches', with its steady intro leading into soaring singalong choruses, was probably my favourite tune of the entire set.

Moving from punk to indie to ska to even a little bit of reggae, The Soup really kept the audience on their toes in terms of genre - why bother sticking to the same-old same-old when you have the talent to really mix things up a bit?
Towards the end of the set I remember kind of wishing that this was my second time seeing them, rather than the first - then I'd have been able to sing along to more of the songs!

Next up were Bridlington's Page 45. They only had three members to The Soup's four, yet quickly showed they were capable of making just as much of a glorious racket.

Proudly original, their set was bursting with wall-to-wall modern mod anthems blending strong melodies, percussive beats and just the right level of ear-bleeding cacophony.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Nick Tudor was happy to chat with the audience between songs, seemingly relaxed and at home on the stage as he insisted about the importance of continuing to watch and support local live music.

As if to fully back up this idea, the band played their way through a series of top quality songs such as 'News On Your Doorstep' and 'Around My Shoes', really channeling the mod spirit of The Jam, while set-closer 'Square Through Round' (built on a solid steady riff) wound on for a good seven minutes, building and building to bring the evening to a noisy and truly rousing crescendo.

As ever the night was a great success, and the increased number of people wending their way into the venue as the night progressed was heartening to see - it's nice to see that even on a 'school night', so to speak, there are still plenty of people willing to give local live music the chance it deserves.