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Chapter 3 is a brand new project headed by Scarborough’s Mike Lynskey and Sant'Angelo Resources. The moveable 'Pop-Up' live music venue has so far made its home at Quid’s Inn every Thursday, showcasing a mix of original bands, both local and from further afield. Their aim is to work with pubs, clubs and outdoor public spaces to bring a 'real' live music venue feel to any space. The third instalment, featuring The Demimondaines and Delta Vega, was certainly no disappointment.

Having followed the Demimondaines for several years now, it’s always a pleasure to see them play live. Their new material goes from strength to strength while the playthroughs of their old tracks seem to gain a little something extra with each performance. The set began with a couple of familiar tracks being rolled out with full force, then moved on to new song 'Skin and Bone', which appeared laced with all the elements that make the Demimondaines’ sound, from the catchy riff to the pure ringing keys.

The rest of the set exhibited the rest of the varying elements that the Demi’s peddle in, showing heavy basslines in some tunes, and a funkier jazzier sound in others, always with the excellent drums to ground them. Final track 'Until the End' rounded out the set with a rich sound that’s guaranteed to leave a smile on any rock lover’s face.

Also on the bill was Hull-based three-piece Delta Vega, another band with a selection of original rock songs to offer. First impression on them beginning to play was that whoever books the bands for Chapter 3 has a good head on their shoulders, as this band were a perfect fit to go alongside the Demimondaines.

Their sound was fast paced and upbeat overall, with somewhat of a '90s vibe to it. The songs managed to come across as mellow and rounded, but with a heavy undertone that made them strong fodder for a good rock gig. Also contributing to this was the excellent rapport between bassist Phil Ives and lead vocalist/guitarist Mark Clough, who bounced off one another in a very animated manner during songs while holding down tight vocals and backing.

Highlights of the set included a spontaneous cover of 'Chelsea Dagger' brought on by a group of drunken men entering the bar singing it, and an excellent rock version of the well known dance classic 'Castles in the Sky' (vast improvement in my opinion). They finished up with a nice slower number, and a bouncy, catchy tune called 'Wake Up', which would make excellent summer listening.