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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Matt Lapinskas as Pharaoh and Lloyd Daniels as Jose

When I first discovered the task of reviewing Bridlington Spa's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat was in my hands, my mind drifted back to my first inkling of the famous Bible story- my (admittedly brief) time at Sunday School, which introduced me to the heart-wrenching tale of badly channelled sibling rivalry and rejection, as 11 of the sons of Jacob secretly plotted to sell their brother (and Jacob's coveted twelfth son) into slavery, bound for Egypt. Featuring themes of malnutrition, premonitioned misfortune, and widespread famine, in theory, this should have been a sad, sobering tale of familial rejection- but if you'd stepped into Bridlington Spa on Tuesday night expecting a sob-fest, you'd have been sorely disappointed. From the first fantastic flash of dazzling lights, I was hooked on this vibrant, infectious company of Energizer-bunny performers; with their effortlessly intricate dance moves and loud, proud, note-perfect call-to-arms.

From the pop-rock anthemic goodness of 'Jacob and Sons', to the bluesy 'Close Every Door' and the upbeat calypso treat 'Joseph All Along', the show's varied score offers a music genre for many an ear and lyrics which perfectly frame and pace the action-packed plotline.

The eleven sons of Jacob were slickly synchronized in their movements whilst somehow still managing to perfectly showcase the personal quirks of each brother, and their spot-on comic timing had tears rolling down my face in the succinctly choreographed coat jealousy of 'Joseph's Dreams'; a feat that occurred so often throughout the evening that my cheeks were raw by curtain down. Respectful recognition must also be given to Matt Brinkler, formerly playing the role of brother Issachar, who bravely stepped into the role of Joseph after Lloyd Daniels was taken ill.

Middlesbrough-born X-Factor finalist Amelia Lily expertly stunned the audience into silence with her show-stopping powerhouse of a voice, which despite her role's strenuous responsibility showed no signs of slowing.

'Song of the King' was a rock-around-the-clocking, Elvis-packed feast of a song which the audience couldn't help jiving to; with special mention to American Cheerleader/ Handmaiden Samantha Noel; whose dance technique remained faultless whilst still perfectly capturing the role of hilariously starstruck Pharaoh superfan.

One staging element that really made this production stand out to me was the company's imaginative use of an array of tongue-in-cheek 2D props; hilariously employed to devastating effect. Had I known 2D cardboard camels had such angelic singing voices, I would surely be heading down a very different career path.

Last but certainly not least; the charmingly-voiced children's choir, young performers from local Stagecoach branches, proved that talent is not defined by age boundaries. The professionalism of these tuneful youngsters was astounding, and they should be incredibly proud of the beautiful performance they treated the opening night audience to.

The musical culminated in an electrified, overjoyed, dancing-in-the-aisles belter of a Joseph medley, seamlessly combining excerpts from the night's biggest show-stopping anthems whilst the exuberant cast showcased their ridiculous fitness levels by performing with the same euphoric, boundless energy as during the show's opening number. Bill Kenwright's production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's sensational musical has garnered standing ovations at every performance since its creation 35 years ago, and far be it from this kaleidoscopic firecracker of a cast to disappoint; with audience members not only leaping to their feet, but jiving and bopping to the final number right up until the end of the bows.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at The Spa, Bridlington, runs until Saturday 21st March 2015 for ten performances- all at a fraction of West End seat prices. With a flexible show schedule including both matinee and evening performances, you have no excuses - buy, barter or burrow your way into this all-singing, all-dancing technicolor masterpiece with all your might. I strongly suspect you won't regret it.