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Bridlington Spa's 'Comedy Club @ The Spa '

This showcase for up and coming talent and more established comics on the circuit is currently held monthly and is well worth a visit.

Tuesday night's talented line up included:

Ben Schofield - the hirsute 'fluffer' who introduced the acts is very funny in his own right with his down to earth wit and soon had the audience laughing.

Tom Taylor was first up. This young comedian got a laugh before he even sat down! His geeky air was reminiscent of a young Michael Crawford in 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em'. His 'Bontempi' accompanied songs and poetry were comical and his deadpan delivery made the audience chuckle. His 'intellectual' poem naming the greats of literature intertwined with innuendo was very clever and got a good laugh.

Gina Jenkinson was the second act and to say this was only her eighth gig she was very professional. Her tragi/comedy childhood reminiscences of her prostitute mother and her shenanigans were well received by the audience who chuckled throughout.

Al McWilliams described himself as a 'hate-filled, bitter gentleman' and his anecdotes about his four children, his life and reality TV were very funny. I loved the description of his new baby looking like a tortoise without it's shell; his observational, acerbic set had the audience in stitches.

Last up was Sully O'Sullivan – hailing from New Zealand, he opened with the fact there were only two ways to get to Bridlington, the A614, or through the back of the wardrobe! He was punchy, political, and very near the knuckle. He talked about current events, racism and dispelled the myth of sheep 'empathy' (!) The audience loved him and there were some real belly laughs coming from the row in front of me.

The whole evening was great and the audience loved it.  A random heckler added to the fun and was very fair in his heckling, each act got to enjoy his input.

The friend I went with described herself as 'not really into comedy' and said 'I hope it's not rude' - she was crying with laughter most of the night!

At the end of the night the audience were still chuckling on their way out. I overheard 'very clever', 'brilliant', 'excellent' and 'I nearly p----- myself' as they made their way out of the auditorium.

The only downside was that the night was not very well attended which was a great shame.  The ticket price was only £6.50 which is excellent value for a brilliant night out. Already looking forward to the next one!

The next Comedy Club is Tuesday 12th November at 8pm.

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