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Last chance to play a role in the February 2017 arts festival

Local artists have just a few days left to put forward their creative ideas to be a part of the next Coastival arts festival in Scarborough.

Coastival 2017 will be held from 17th to 19th February next year, with the theme 'Coastival: The Unexpected'. Central to it will be four new arts commissions worth £5,000 each and funded by the Arts Council, which will form the centrepiece to the mini festival alongside a programme of music, theatre and fine art.

Artists have only until the end of May to get their ideas considered in response to the theme 'Coastival: The Unexpected – Look beyond the Obvious'.

Coastival director Wendy Holroyd said: "There are just a few days left now to put ideas forward before we begin the task of choosing which four will get the £5,000 commission and make their exciting contribution to Coastival 2017.

"We're particularly keen to see work with strong artistic content and visual presence and impact, which can engage with diverse audiences.

"We're looking for professional, practising artists or companies with an aptitude for working in community settings and a proactive, collaborative approach that will engage a wide range of participants.

"Artists can work in any art form to create new work in a location, not pre-determined by Create, in Scarborough that will engage with people and be presented at Coastival 2017 to new and existing audiences.

"Scarborough has some very obvious locations and themes – we want people to look beyond those and give us something different.

"We're really excited about this, and look forward to seeing where artists' imaginations can take them in answering our brief."

There's a fee on offer of £5,000 for the delivery of the commission and presentation of the work. The deadline for submissions is 5pm on 31st May. The ideas will be judged and the four successful commissions selected in June.

For a copy of the Coastival commissions brief artists should visit www.coastival.com or email wendy@create.uk.net or call 01723 384545.

Thousands flocked to this February's event, bringing an out-of-season financial boost to Scarborough.

An analysis of February's three-day arts festival shows a total of 6,230 people at the festival events over the weekend.

Estimates suggest this brought a direct economic boost of £426,781 into Scarborough. The continuing effect of that money spent through the economy – known as the induced economic impact – is estimated at around £650,549 for the Scarborough local economy.

New arts commissions featured strongly in February too.

'Wet Sounds Scarborough' was a music and sounds event performed in Scarborough Indoor Swimming Pool; 'The Prison Project' transformed the disused prison off Dean Road into an art gallery; 'A Light to Guide' was a lit story trail through the Spa gardens and 'The Many Faces of Scarborough' was an art installation, with three large translucent heads magically lit by projections.

For more information on Coastival, visit www.coastival.com