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In the lead up to the new Live and Local night starting this week at Vivaz Nightclub, we had a chat with Tessa Hughes, organiser of the event.

Firstly, why do you and the management of Vivaz feel it is important to be putting live bands on in the venue?

It can be hard to fill a venue this size but there is a real wealth of talent in this town and there are only a few venues at the moment where you can throw a few bands together in one night for a reasonable price and potentially get loads of people in to see them. The management were initially a little sceptical about a band night because they know from experience how difficult it can be, but gave me lots of helpful advice then let me book the acts. I’ve been given invaluable pointers on the aspects of timings and kit, etc.

I’d like it to be a platform for new bands but also hope some more established bands might want to appear – that could give some more support and exposure to the newer bands.

What are your own tastes, and does that influence what might be put on?

I grew up listening to all sorts of things, my tastes are very broad: rock, folk, electro, world music, drum and bass, dubstep … with the first two bands, The Edge of 13 are very rock-influenced and the Demimondaines like to blend genres; I’m hoping as time goes on we can maybe have something like a few reggae bands on together or that sort of thing… certainly try some different things.

Are you already planning the second night and beyond?

How should people get in touch if they would like to take part? Yes, it’s due to be the end of April and I already have some of the acts sorted. As long as I keep getting the chance to put it on I will keep trying and keep doing this, I know there’s an audience for it out there. Anyone who plays either alone or in a band, maybe even a solo artist who wants hooking up with some backing, please just get in touch via the page and hopefully we can work it into one of the future nights.

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