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The Last Battle

The Last Battle headline Sunday at Acoustic Gathering, this coming weekend at Peasholm Park.

They are an Edinburgh-based band, consisting of: 

Scott Longmuir - Vocals/Guitar
Caroline Overy- Vocals/Guitar
Jon Bews - Violin
Liam O'Hare - Drums and Percussion
Craig Kenny - Bass/Backing Vocals

Yorkshire Coast Gigs' Samuel Barrington caught up with them ahead of their visit to Scarborough.

The Last Battle, that seems like a pretty unique name. Where did it originate from?

The band started life as a bedroom-based recording project which consisted of myself (Scott) singing and playing guitar and our old bassist Paul operating a drum machine. We sent out demos to labels and got a small unexpected surge of interest and realised we should maybe put a band together to play the songs live. We were desperate for a name but couldn't think of anything. Anyway, during a name ideas session we got bored and turned to idle chit-chat when Paul mentioned he'd nearly finished this old C.S Lewis book he was reading; when I asked him which one he replied "The Last Battle." We both just went "Ahaaa! That's it!"

Your 2010 debut album 'Heart Of The Land, Soul Of The Sea' caused quite a buzz, what can we expect from your next album release and when is it due out?

Our next album is a completely different beast from the first one. The first album is pretty much a concept album, very acoustic-based and quiet. The new one is more accomplished, the playing is more intricate and it's a lot louder. 'Heart Of The Land...' was recorded in our living room with one microphone whereas the new one was done at our friend's studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Lyrically, I hid behind a lot of sea metaphors on the songs on the first album, whereas on the new songs I've been more open and honest and, in some, achingly personal. It's been nearly two years in the making so it feels good to say that it's finally getting a release in about March next year.

You are headlining the Sunday of Acoustic Gathering Festival at the weekend, 8th September. How do you feel about being asked to play at such an established event?

We were chuffed to be asked and also a bit like "Are you sure?!?" One of the bookers caught us playing in Edinburgh and obviously liked what he saw, so it snowballed from there. It's good to see a festival take risks on a band that not everyone may have heard of. Also, coming from a beautiful place like Edinburgh it will be nice to visit somewhere equally as beautiful like Scarborough.

You have supported, and been compared to, fellow Scots 'King Creosote'. Who else do you draw inspiration from and would you most like to play alongside/support?

I'd be a liar if I didn't say we're influenced by pop music to some extent. Our song structures are very pop-based even if our lyrics aren't. I think personally either to support Springsteen or Neil Young would make me a very happy man.

You must get comments, quotes & compliments about you in the press and online, through social media etc. What comments have stuck with you?

The most recent nice thing someone said was a BBC DJ, Vic Galloway, who announced onstage at the Edinburgh fringe to about 300 people that I had great hair! Press-wise, someone at The Guardian said "You have to see this band" which was very nice.

For the full line-up for Acoustic Gathering, 7th & 8th September, see our recent feature or the listings guide, or www.acousticgathering.co.uk  Tickets cost £8 per day (children under 12 £4).

The Last Battle: