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Harry David
Samuel Barrington caught up with former Scarborough student, Harry David, whose single 'Solitude' has recently been play-listed for BBC Radio 1.
Good to see you Harry, it's been a while. Last time you and I caught up for an interview it was for my feature, 'Undiscovered', on Yorkshire Coast Radio, when you were at Uni in Scarborough. Do you miss the town? You are back in your home town now?
Undoubtedly! Absolutely love Scarborough, amazing town. I’m back in Lincolnshire now near Grimsby honing my craft further and enjoying life.
I remember you saying about a year ago that you were heading to London for a bit, to get yourself out there on the scene. How was the London music scene?
I couldn’t possibly comment as I never really found it! The few gigs I did do there though were brilliant.
You used to do a lot of collaborative work with Yorkshire Coast rap artist 'P-Zed'. You performed together at Staxtonbury in Summer 2011. Do you still record and jam together?
All the time! I’ve got a lot of love for P-Zed, he’s been working with me for the past couple of weeks on my first official solo music video titled ‘I Will Let Go’. He’s done an absolutely magnificent job, so impressed! I don’t doubt we’ll be putting together more musical collaborations in the near future either; it’s always a great deal of fun. 
I see that your single 'Solitude' has recently had multiple airplay on BBC Radio 1 with DJ's such as Sarah Cox and Scott Mills. Tell us the full story of how all that came about? Must have been exciting?
Basically I’ve had a lot of support from various local BBC stations over the past couple of years via the BBC Introducing show and I was lucky enough to have 'Solitude' submitted to Radio 1 for possible play-listing.  Fortunately they liked it and play-listed it! I’m very grateful to have had that kind of opportunity, can’t thank the BBC enough. There really are no words that come close to describing the magnitude of how I felt during that whole period.
The single has been doing great, and it surpassed all previous expectations I had, I’m very pleased with the outcome. 
You are known for giving excellent live performances. What has been your most exciting and enjoyable performance in 2013 so far?
I did a gig up in Edinburgh at the beginning of March, it was a really great atmosphere and the audience were very kind and compassionate.
Any plans to officially release any of your older material such as 'Fakes and Fibbers' now you are better known or will releases be concentrated around all new material?
No plans at the moment to re-release any material; however I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of any amended and re-vamped versions in the future, who knows! My main focus is to continue developing and progressing as a writer and producer, to keep trying out new things and evolving my sound and craft.
What are your plans for the rest of the year? Doing anything special with your summer?
If I’m 100% honest, I’m not really planning anything huge, more or less just going with the flow and enjoying everything as it happens. I’m looking forward to releasing the new track and music video in the near future which feels like it will be another milestone for me and a step in the right direction creatively.
You've said before that you were always influenced by Mumford and Sons and also Ellie Goulding. Have you met or heard anybody along the way that you would like to recommend to the readers of Yorkshire Coast Gigs?
I recently did a gig with Austrian act Marina Zettl, definitely check her out, her performances are out of this world. I’m also a fan of Bridlington's Ben Parcell, I love his recent stuff and his new music video for ‘I Don’t Need You’.  Besides that, my favourite artists at the moment are Everything Everything, M83, Bring Me the Horizon and A Perfect Circle.
You were around when Yorkshire Coast Gigs started out. What do you think of our new site? 
Very impressed! Really fantastic stuff, it’s great to see how far you’ve come. Thanks for getting in touch, more than happy to be a part of it!
'Solitude' can be download via any of the following links:
The promotional vid can also be found at http://goo.gl/hEVNc