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Ahead of their Bridlington Spa date, the boys from Seafret spoke to Sam from Yorkshire Coast Gigs to discuss about their debut album, touring the UK and intricacies of the songwriting process.

Tell us what's been happening over the last year?

Last year was a crazy year for us. As well as doing our first run of all the festivals and our first UK headline tour, we've been locked away in the studio recording and finishing our debut album.

You are playing at Bridlington Spa on the Monday 8th of February. What do you think will be the best part of playing to your home crowd?

We've always had a mind-blowing amount of support from our hometown, so to come home and play at the venue we've always dreamed about playing is going to be a special moment for us.

How long did the debut album take to write and record?

We started properly thinking about it and writing songs for the album about two years ago. But there's a song on there, 'To The Sea', which is one of the first songs we wrote together, so it's been an on going process for about four years or so.

How did the deal with Columbia Records come about?

Weirdly we first got spotted at probably one of the smallest gigs we've played. There was only ten people in the room, but it just so happened that one of them was a music producer. We recorded some songs with him at his home studio and eventually he sent it off to some record companies and that's where it started. Lucky lads!

Have you any tips for aspiring artists?

Our advice to people just starting out is to play as many places as you can. It doesn't matter if you are playing to one person in a tiny pub or a thousand people in a venue, every time you play you are spreading something that you've created and that's what it's all about.

What is London like as a place to live in comparison to living by the sea in Yorkshire?

London feels completely opposite to Yorkshire life. There's up sides and down sides to both. Yorkshire offers you beautiful countryside and space to breathe and clear your mind, whereas London has music every night and museums and can be just as inspiring. We feel very lucky to have the best of both worlds.

How do you go about coming up with song ideas and writing them together?

We usually start with a piece of music that Harry is working on and I'll say "What's that?" And Harry tends to reply "I don't know I'm just playing". It always makes me laugh. From there we start working out melodies and start structuring the music to work with the melody. Kind of like a jigsaw. Then I'll take the music away and write the lyrics. We've always worked naturally like that.

What's your favourite track on the debut album?

Tricky! This is always changing as each song represents a different point in our journey whilst making the record. Right now our favorite is 'Missing'. It's also one of our favorites to play live.

What's next for Seafret over the coming months and year?

Our plan is to play as much as we can, whether it's full band or acoustic to promote the album and spread the music in general. We have Glastonbury Festival confirmed again for this year which is going to be out of this world. The festivals are just starting to come in and it's always exciting to find out where we'll be next.


Seafret play Bridlington Spa on Monday 8 February. For tickets visit: