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Josh Giddings
As a solo artist and band frontman, Josh is preparing for a busy summer, with multiple gig bookings lined up.

When we meet, the lineup of the band has just changed – an amicable split by all accounts but leaving the question of motivation and the right 'fit' open for discussion. Josh is calm and ambivalent about the situation – feeling that if someone is not feeling the vibe for performing or doing the songs of a certain band or style, there is no point forcing the issue.

 Josh was the lucky recipient of a '6k vision' place, a scheme run by Connecting Youth Culture and North Yorkshire County Council.
It’s a young person's record label, around 16 people per year get accepted and get mentorship, opportunities to record their original music, free recording time, invites to big events such as Cultureshock and Aftershock festival;  the idea is to help young people push forward with their music with professional support.  It includes residential weekends and opportunities to ‘gig-swap’ – travel to meet and support the other recipients and vice versa.  It’s a great networking opportunity.  Sadly government funds have been taken away so there is not much new intake but I've heard there may be some new things happening this summer.  
The mentorship may explain why Josh is very organised – facebook pages, blogs, website, twitter – the social media element of promotion is clearly evident.
People are shy about self-promoting I think, but when I was 14 and got accepted by 6k Vision, a mentor from Leeds band Hope & Social came to my house, telling me to create a fan page, blog, twitter – I found it difficult to find balance between actually writing songs and learning guitar and things and finding time to promote myself.  It's hard sometimes to find the right way – sometimes an off the cuff remark goes down the wrong way!  But knowing how to promote yourself is the way to go if you want to make something of your carer, it seems.
Asked why exactly he felt the drive to get into music, he's honestly not sure where it started.
None of my family really play, although they are music lovers – I guess it all came form the local open mic nights - I was at Cellars open mic when I was about 13 and just loved the scene, the people, I knew that I just wanted to find a job within the music industry.
I had some really good experience in Tenerife back in 2010 - I was just singing on karaoke and got asked to come perform at this bar by a random Irish guy! I thought he was just a bit drunk but he was serious, he had an amazing set up of kit and I ended up doing gigs there, some backing tracks but with me playing some guitar as well.  I even got recognised by a family from Hull who were there, who had seen me in York – small world!!
Bright Young Things is my first official band, though I played in a band with some others before.  I've also been influenced by friends and people I've met on the local scene - Oliver Koppert, Christopher Sheffield and others – I think they do a lot to get their own music out there, their recordings, getting things on YouTube and sharing their music.
He is inspired by artists whose music he likes, such as Damian Rice, but there's also inspiration in attitude.  
I saw Glen Hansard at Manchester Uni.  Actually, partway through something wasn’t working right, he just stopped the whole thing, said "we can play this better", and they started again.  That was really inspiring.  It’s usually the big things people find inspiring but I guess for me it’s those small things, those unusual things.  
Although he has a good repertoire of covers, Josh writes own material; he also does a lot for charity, not just agreeing to help out but often arranging benefit busks for good causes.
I think it’s good to give something back.  Supporting Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust recently (at an event at Scarborough's Old Vic) was very special, she was such an amazing young girl and what she did is inspiring too.  It’s one of the best things I feel I can do, to use something I can do to help a good cause, and hopefully bring some enjoyment to others. 
As to what's next, Josh is finishing his course at Westwood and studying at Leeds College of Music next year.
I'd like to release some form of EP or album of my own stuff, I've not had chance to do that before but that would be next thing I’d like to work on.
Next gigs: Catch Josh solo every Sunday at the Waterhouse, 8pm til 9pm and with Bright Young Things at the West Riding, Scarborough on 20th July and the Buccaneer, Filey, 3rd August.
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