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Snatch are a busy band, with a host of regular Scarborough gigs and bookings up and down the country. We caught up with Mick Murtagh (Lead vocal, Guitar), Kerry Gross (Drums and Backing Vocals) and Ben Dobson (Bass & Backing Vocals) when they were kind enough to take a time-out before one of their gigs. With their distinctive Snatch look and trademark humour, this band put all their energy into their own take on crowd-pleasing covers.

First and foremost, boys...Why the name...?!

M: We nicked it. We steal everything – our logo, our name, stolen songs...

How long has Snatch been in existence? Was Ben's arrival (about 18 months ago) your only line up change?

B: Snatch reached the milestone of 10 years this December just gone actually.
M: In that time we've just had two drummers, and two bass players. I'm the only 'original' member. But I'm leaving next week...(he grins)

Kerry, I hear your drum kit is older than Ben. How do you keep it in good condition?

K: Yes, it has been with me a long time. It was exported from America in 1989. It's falling apart really! We hold it together with gaffer tape. It's certainly been well used over the years. I grew up in a musical household - my Dad got me into drumming in the first place. He was well known as a singer on the Scarborough circuit and used to gig with John 'Prendo' Prenderghast. (NB: There was a feature on Kerry's father in the Scarborough News last Thursday, 14th Feb.)

How did the 'sons of Danny Wilde' tag-line start?

M: It was just this run of gigs for a while where everywhere we went, we'd be on the night after Danny Wilde – we'd see posters and things and know we were constantly on the following night after him... It just became a bit of an affectionate running joke, it's been about 4 or 5 years now...

What's the weirdest gig you've ever played?

M: One in a tent that nearly blew away in a storm – it was Ganton Gathering and it felt like we nearly all died!
K: Yeah, torrential, horizontal rain, everything was flapping around – I wrapped the mixing desk in a blue tarp and had a mud splattered drum kit...Mick got stripped naked by bikers too...!
M: Yeah, I didn't want to be rude and I could barely hold on to anything anyway so I had to try and be professional.

What sort of creative input do you all have when it comes to the song choices?

M: If anyone suggests anything we just try it all at band practice – we see what works. Sometimes we'll try something a couple of times at gigs then drop it forever... The one that always seems to work well is Andy Williams' Too Good to be True... People sometimes hear the first few bars before they are sure about it, then they're away. Another one that always works is Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive though that's more of an end of the night song.

Do you ever write your own stuff as a band?

M: Yeah, I write, but no one wants to hear what I write! Kerry writes too. But people coming to see us generally want to hear songs they know, Snatch-style.

Would you consider performing your own stuff under a different guise, perhaps?

M: Yeah, we might try it sometime. Maybe.

Who are your idols in the music world?

M: Captain Sensible. Metallica. Hendrix. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Pink Floyd.
K: Pink Floyd . Yes. Dream Theater.
B: Pink Floyd too... Rammstein. Placebo. Nine Inch Nails.

If you could play a gig or have a jam with any famous artist(s), living or dead, who would you want?

M: The Beatles – or more specifically, John Lennon.
K: Jimi Hendrix
B: The Who

The band then discuss it amongst themselves for a moment and all agree that actually Keith Moon would be a perfect choice for them to jam with.

You've played all over the UK at diverse venues ranging from muddy festivals to Stirling Castle. Where outside of Scarborough have you most enjoyed playing?

M: Any gig with biker dudes – the farmyard sort of set-up with anywhere between 7,000-10,000 people – like Ganton Gathering. Yes, despite that also being our weirdest gig!

Describe Snatch in one word (each):

M: Infectious ...
B: Loud ...
K: Energetic...

And in another trademark moment that shows the rapport between the band, they come out with a 'group' word too - 'Sweat'!

What ambitions are there for the band in the coming year?

K: A new drum kit.
B: A van!
M: Getting more gigs out of town as well – introducing Snatch to the rest of the universe.

(Once more, the banter builds and they start to come out with suggestions like merchandise and a new perfume range – 'The Smell of Snatch'...well, you heard about it here first...)

Find them on Facebook: Snatch the Band