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I've got a gig coming up, how do I add it to your gig guide?

You can sign up for to be a registered user, and submit as many gigs as you like.


My gig has been cancelled, how can I remove it from the gig guide?

Just let us know via facebook, twitter or send us an email to admin@yorkshirecoastgigs.co.uk


The date or venue for my gig has changed, how do I alter this on the gig guide?

Send us a message on facebook, twitter or send us an email to admin@yorkshirecoastgigs.co.uk


I can't find the right venue in the gig submission page, what do I do?

When you're signed in you can use the  'Submit a Venue' function in the 'My Area' menu.


Have you got a mobile gig guide, that I can use on my smart phone?

Oh yes. Follow this link and give it a bookmark. If you're on an iPhone, save it to the home screen and use it like an app! www.yorkshirecoastgigs.co.uk/mobileguide 


How can I add my band to the band directory?

Once logged in, use the 'Submit a Band' function in the 'My Area' menu. You can add multiple listing too.


Can I edit my band listing?

Yes! Once logged in, take a look in the 'My Area' menu and you'll find the link in there!


How can I get my band featured?

Just let us know you're interested, and we'll let you know if you're selected.


What's this 'Save to Cal' button about?

This will download a small file which you can add to your computer calendar. If you're on an iPhone it will load it up straight into your calendar app. 


I've spotted something that's not quite right, how can I let you know?

Just send us an email via info@yorkshirecoastgigs.co.uk


Can I get involved?

Yeah! We're always for looking for fun creatives to get involved. If you can write good reviews, or take good pictures then let us know. info@yorkshirecoastgigs.co.uk