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I've recently fulfilled a long-held ambition of hosting my own radio show. Ok, so I haven't exactly been chasing the dream down since I was knee-high to a woodlouse, but it has always been at the back of my mind that one day I'd really like a go at it, and now, thanks to Radio Scarborough, I can now add 'broadcaster' to that long list of stuff I somehow manage to fit into the week.

See for me, radio has lost some of its magic as the years have rolled by. Being grey of quiff these days, I remember with fondness the likes of John Peel and Andy Kershaw, whose obvious love and enthusiasm for uncovering new music was boundless, their quest every bit as adventurous as the Great Explorers mapping undiscovered countries for the first time. Over the last two decades radio has been swallowed by the industry until it is now just another media tool designed to sell you the same song over and over and over again; it is a place where DJ's talk endlessly about themselves, where an 'underground track' is a new signing to a major label whose press office haven't got enough money to buy a Radio One playlist place yet. It wasn't video that killed the radio star, it was commerce and ego.

So I set out to try and find some of that old love again, hoping to rekindle some of radio's lost magic. My record collection starts in the early 1920's and ends this week, it embraces Punk and Soul, Ska and Folk, Blues, Rap, Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop and Reggae and better still, I have nothing to sell, so you are just going to get what I love to hear and want to share with you.....surely that is what radio SHOULD be?

So tune in and give me a go. I'm on Radio Scarborough on Mondays 10-11pm with a repeat on a Thursday at the same time. All previous shows are available to stream on mixcloud too. I'll play you my favourite songs, introduce you to new artists I've met out there on the road, and, because the station isn't controlled by Ofcom and their impartiality clauses, I'm allowed to have an opinion too.....and you know me, I'm not a man to hide his thoughts from the world.
It would be good to have your company.


www.joesolo.co.uk - www.radioscarborough.co.uk